Bologna Coordination Office

  • The number of member countries for Bologna process has reached 50.
  • Our graduates have the oppurtunity to get double diplomas.

Bologna Process

On the purpose of more effectively carrying out the activities of Bologna Process which includes the adoption of a system of easily readable and comparable degrees (through the implementation of the Diploma Supplement) and student based education, Bologna Coordination Office have been established in our university.

In this context, in order to update the education programmes in the university, studies have been carried out in two cycles: institutes-faculties and vocational schools. ECTS User’s Guide in Turkish and English have been prepared for the purpose of informing students, faculty members, administrators and the other related people about the programmes in our university. The updated programmes have been applied in 2013-2014 academic year.



Assignment for Bologna Coordinator
2 Read
PhD Murat Olcay ÖZCAN, who has been working as Bologna Coordinator Assistant, is now assigned to the position of...
New Assignment in Bologna Coordination Office
2 Read
PhD Mehmet Fatih ÇÖMLEKÇİ, who is in charge of International Relations Office, has also been assigned to Bologna...
Assignment for Bologna Coordinator Assistant
8 Read
Ass. Prof. Dr. Murat Olcay ÖZCAN, who is a faculty member in the Faculty of Engineering, has been assigned to the...
Bologna Meeting for the Coordinators of New Programmes 26.05.2016
4 Read
On 26th May 2016, a meeting was held with Bologna coordinators of the new programmes and departments under the...
Assignment for ECTS/Diploma Supplement Coordinator
4 Read
Yrd. Doç. Dr. Özlem IŞIK, who is a faculty member in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences,  has been assigned to the...
New Items Added to Assesment Methods and ECTS/Workload Sections
6 Read
The following headings have been added to “Assesment Methods” and “ECTS Allocated Based on Student...

Bologna Information Package

Links For Bologna Programme Data Input

Bologna representatives should use the following links for Bologna programme data input:  
Associate's degree/undergraduate/postgraduate:

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